Safety is a serious business, therefore PEZE have taken it upon herself that all her projects are carried out by well-trained personnel with background of strong safety consciousness, awareness and commitment to safe working practices.


Health is wealth therefore at PEZE PRODUCTS LIMITED, we are committed to the provision of adequate medical attention to all our employees/confinement in the event of failing health and carry out special investigation where there is evidence of occupational ill health. 


PEZE PRODUCTS LIMITED, recognizes the importance of the environment to human existence and as such will provide environment awareness, conversation and protection to ensure strict compliance to environmental laws (Local and International) with periodic assessment of operational areas. 


The quality Policy of PEZE PRODUCTS LIMITED, is always to meet the customer as well as statutory and regulatory authority requirements and expectations through the development and maintenance of Safety Quality Management System in conformance with the ISO 9001:2000 International Standard and to Continuously improve the effectiveness of the same. 


It is the policy of PEZE PRODUCTS LIMITED, to provide all relevant and high quality personal protective equipment, that is: coveralls, safety shoes/Rain-boots, Hard hats, Hand-gloves etc for all persons engaged in her operations. 

Continually, the management shall enforce the effective use and maintenance of available personal protective equipment, which entails regular condition audits and replacement of defective one. 

Site safety officers and supervisors shall continue to monitor compliance with this policy. 


PEZE PRODUCTS LIMITED, shall at all times undertakes the responsibility of establishing a good relationship with its host community to ensure that project work are not stopped or interrupted as a result of community related problems. 

Most of our activities are technical in nature which requires specialist work force, however 80% of the unskilled labour shall be employed from host community while employment of the skilled labour will be based purely on merit to enhance our project quality output, however priority will be given to such qualified person in any of our working environment. 

The use of force or armed security in any of our work environment to resolve misunderstanding with the host community is strictly prohibited, unless as otherwise directed by the clients. 

PEZE PRODUCTS LIMITED shall in addition to all the above indulge in the following: 

· Building sustainable development partnerships by enlisting the full participation of host communities in project planning, implementation and monitoring. 

· Respond to formal community requests in appropriate and timely manner. 

· Ensuring that contracting organizations adopt standard and attitudes that are wholly compatible with this policy. 

· Ensuring that the benefits of development assistance are equitably distributed among community social groups by lending special attention to the most economically disadvantaged. 

· Ensuring that contracting organizations adopt standard and attitudes that are wholly compatible with this policy. 


PEZE NIG LIMITED shall ensure an efficient solution to achieving safety and security by employing with access and egress control technology. 

· All employees shall be issued identity cards. 

· Visitors will be tagged with I.D badge. 

· Work areas will be fenced off where necessary. 

Our security training series shall include: 

· Security personnel 

· Security systems. 


Every PEZE PRODUCTS LIMITED staff shall plan to perform his/her duties in accordance with corporate approved policies. Commitment and involvement of staff in occupational health and safety matters is mandatory. 

Projects must be properly supervised and safety shall always be an integral part of the working procedure suggestions aimed at improving safety policies personal protective equipment and recommendations would be gladly welcomed by management. 

Training in safe worth acts is mandatory for all staff PEZE PRODUCTS LIMITED, would regularly review and update the health, safety and environmental regulations as per new regulations/legislation: and/or changes in field operations.