Established in 2002, PEZE PRODUCTS LIMITED is one of leading Manufacturing and Commodities Company in Nigeria. With over 15years experience we are renowned for our exceptional technical expertise and extraordinary attention to interior detail and finishing. 

In line with our vision to be the dominant manufacturing Company in Sub Saharan Africa, we are abreast of the latest technology and trends and have built an enviable reputation of producing timeless manufacturing services and providing classic and inspiring spaces and environments for our clients. 

PEZE PRODUCTS LIMITED has been instrumental in the growth and development in manufacturing industry in Nigeria having nurtured the career of many people who are now major players in the industry. 

Our core Values of integrity, team spirit, commitment, innovation and quality guide every aspect of our operations and define parameters for all we do. 

At PEZE , we strive to make a world of difference in our innovative designs and superb product. Being at the forefront of manufacturing, we consistently try to produce first- rate services by using locally produced and top quality materials with world-class facilities, processes and equipment. 


AQUARELLE is owned by Peze Products Ltd. It is an indigenous company, dedicated to quality service delivery. We came into being in response to the yearning and aspiration for a robust looking and self-sustaining economy, capable of withstanding the stresses of unpredictable economic environment, and meeting the exclusive demand of our client and the general public on point.

Our corporate mission is to put in place a highly professional and technical team backed up with adequate infrastructure and ultra-modern machineries, that is motivated enough to produce good result which can stand shoulder to shoulder with the best in the world.

AQUARELLE has a capable, talented, dynamic, enterprising and well tested professionals in different spheres of human endeavor. Within the short time of our existence, from a modest beginning, we were able to migrate to producers of world class standard quality and safe drinking water that has so far met the international best practices. Our services to our client and the general public are unparalleled and well thought-out.

The main objective of the company is to provide a broad based quality and safe drinking water and other related services that will be indigenously oriented challenge the present unhealthy dominance being practiced in the country, by giving a Bether or an equivalent service that is usually delivered by foreign firms Earnestly exploring all available potentials and resources for the advancement of safe and portable drinking water is our primary concern.
We also intend to maximally increase output quarterly to enable us cover every phase of our urban community at an affordable rate, thereby reducing to minimal the rate of infection of water born disease in our society.  

Vision Statement
To become one of the leading producers of safe and  quality drinking water through safe drinking water initiative (SWI) and to provide excellent services in Africa and other parts of  the world. 

Mission Statement
We are committed to practicing ultra-modern technology with a passion for excellence. Our mission therefore is to maintain good will toward customers/clients through honesty and integrity by providing the safest and purest of water to maintain and sustained good health development of every citizen through our self-motivated, pragmatic and dedicated professionals.

Company Business
As a developer and producer of high quality portable water for homes and public organization in Nigeria, AQUARELLE projects appeal to the general public for its creativity. The company has also capitalized on important high profile government project throughout the country in conjunction with her subsidiary.

AQUARELLE has made it a policy to involve the skills and services of local expatriate in every project. This policy was put in place to help bridge the gap between the company and the communities that serve as our host. The company has introduced what has become known as Community Acquisition Programme (CAP). This program is designed as public relations tool that enables the local community to undertake a self-help project.

Type of products and services 

Our product include but not limited to;

Purified bottled water

With our latest technological innovations, brought about by our skilled workers with years of experience, we are sure to play the leading role in packaging of bottled water that is not just conducive for drinking but also convenience to hold when drinking. Our style of packaging also inspires taste for a sustainable health.

Dispense purified water 

This comes with high standard of corking for easy placement on the dispenser. Our peculiar style of packaging and corking under strict hygienic condition; position us as the leading company when it comes to dispense water.

Purified sachet water 

This is the area where professionalism and competency come to play in the face of highly competitive market. Sachet water has been packaged by various unskilled person under harmful hygienic conditions at various locality within and outside the community thereby posing threat to the wellbeing and health of both children and Adults alike. Peze Products water has come to breach that gap and laid to rest worries related to water borne diseases. 

This we have achieved through the mass production of sachet water popularly called (pure water) under strict hygienic condition with the supervision of our highly skilled technical and professional staff.

Customized brand labels 

In other to serve our numerous clients better and with full satisfaction, we also indulge in customize brand labeling of our water to partly indicate the name or logo of our esteemed client or to reflect the memorable event they hope to cherish as desired by them. This service is best suited for corporate client e.g., Hotels, Tatries, schools, Hospitals, multi-national Originations etc. it is also suited for the celebration of memorable occasions and parties.

Water Purification

We undertake the purification of our water in various degrees and components for both consumption, industrial and recreational purposes. Which include filtration and purification of large volume of water owned by companies, organizations or even government agencies for the purpose of safe consumption. We likewise in the treatment and flooding of swimming pools both for recreational and athletic purposes. It is worthy to note that swimming pool are stagnant water and could be contaminated by body substances of swimmers. It is in this regard that our expert have developed a unique and long lasting techniques to kill germs and other harmful bacteria moving freely in the pool. We have been contacted by various organization for the sanitization and treatment of both private and public swimming pool to which our job was confirm to be satisfactory and of standard bearing.

Our drinking water is treated with ultra-modern state of art facilities beginning with sand filter, carbon filter reverse osmosis technology, organizations and series of micro filters. 

Installation of water treatment/filter in overhead tank

Over the years our skilled engineers have perfected the act of filtration and treatment in overhead tanks of various sizes both galvanized steel and plastic tanks majority of the problems faced by overhead tanks are busted filters and inadequate treatment. But with dedicated time and painstaking research our team of engineers was able to overcome this problem by developing what is known as (TWECOM) Tetra web component filter for a long lasting solution. This system has been tested and proven to be much more efficient in many instances. 

Water treatment: The goal of water treatment process is to remove existing components in the water, improving it for subsequent utilization and consumption. The contaminants removed here could be bacteria, algae, viruses, fungi, minerals such as iron and sulphur and man-made chemical pollutants. We design and install equipment using conventional and specialized technologies such as heating, processing, cleaning and filtering to optimize water safety standard and risk reduction.

Water analysis:-Chemical and microbiological analysis of water with the goal of allowing treated water back to the environment without adverse ecological impact. These processes may be physical such as sedimentation, chemical such as disinfection or coagulation and biological such as lagoon.